About company

       More than 20 years ago our family owned companie's main and first direction was production and processing of fish food products for human sector. But we always were not indifferent about our four-legged friends, their well-being. As the result, 4 years ago our factory introduced new direction- HUMAN GRADE DEHYDRATED FISH TREATS FOR PETS that are collected in ecological clean waters and produced at human-grade fish manufacture. We produce premium quality, highly nutritious fish-based treats for your pets according to the HACCP and MSC quality control system. We keep all obligatory regulations, laws and standards: in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the European Union.

      So, each master of four-legged friend can be sure, that our fish treats are made with love using human-grade raw materials: high in proteins and natural Omega 3 oils.We are sure in our competence and transparency!

       One of our company owner is fisherman in second generation. Above you can see him pulling the boat and his beloved dog is waiting for him. He could manage to turn his passion and love into business establishing and managing  our company. His passion for fishing and fish and all our involvement in every step of production process guarantees that our products are safe and highest quality.